These types of creative adaptations are much easier in a physical world where the useful properties of an individual object can be understood quickly. In the more abstract digital world, these adaptations are a bit harder to come by, with even the simplest of insights requiring years of engineering experience to successfully implement. However, over the past 20 years the layman’s technical vernacular has expanded blindingly fast. At the same time, we’ve been breaking down the core unit of definable functionality into ever smaller and more digestible pieces, from monolithic operating systems, to web based applications and mobile apps.

Now for that click. I realized that the key to unlocking the creative potential of our existing digital tools might be to build a service that simplifies and consolidates the way those tools can be connected.

Even with the recent increase in technical understanding and the divergence of functional applications, the useful properties of software will forever remain abstract when compared to a physical object. This is where ifttt can help. By providing a simple logical structure, if this then that, along with two fundamental properties that fit into that structure, called triggers and actions, ifttt enables anyone to be creative in their digital environments. Essentially it’s event-driven programming for the masses. (via ifttt blog - ifttt the beginning…)

back to the whole having an ipad thing.  mainly, sharing it between two people.  there aren’t any elegant solutions, yet, for sharing the native apps and switching credentialing between two different people.  for example, i don’t want to play plants vs. zombies, but, my girlfriend does.  since the ipad is synced to my laptop and itunes account, i get charged for the game she downloads.  sure, she could’ve logged me out and logged her in - but - that’s tedious and an extra step.

so, i tried to think of ways she could easily reimburse me for whatever she wants to download without extraneous effort on her end either.  there is no solution to this problem yet (short of apple programming one), but i thought there could be one on the horizon.

i’m sure the details are quite complicated but if it’s something that comes to fruition, well, that’d be great.

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