Moreover, in one experiment, 64 percent of men and 15 percent of women began self-administering electric shocks when left alone to think. These same people, by the way, had previously said they would pay money to avoid receiving the painful jolt.

Quote IconTrying to enjoy living here but not spending money is like riding Splash Mountain but trying not to get wet: possible, but not much fun, and besides the point.

Peter W. Knox's #20sTweaks for living in NYC in your 20s are fantastic. (via caro)

yeah i’ll take the bait here


espn didn’t air alex’s pitch or any of the performance but pop was texting us updates from the stands and we trolled twitter for any mention of him (there was a decent amount of “wtf is that thing on the mound?!”). looks like he did pretty good for a ballet dancer in a three-headed costume!

fav part of this vine is the woman gasping at how good his pitch was